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Asdin Associates was established in December 1995, by a former Factory Inspector with the Ministry Of Labour (MOL, now MOM) as a sole-proprietorship company serving the immediate needs of the shipbuilding and ship-repair, construction, metalworking, manufacturing, electronics, plastic injection moulding, tool & die making, stamping and power press industries, overhead cranes manufacture, chemicals, logistics, semi-conductor, printing and other small industries in Singapore. The company has since grown to include some industry professionals as it training and consulting team. This company has been incorporated into Asdin Associates Pte Ltd with the addition of a managing partner in order to enhance its business services to another level.

Our consultancy and training services were aimed at assisting them (our clients of various industries) in legal compliance issues, including establishing their organsational safety and health management systems (SHMS), in-house training programs, emergency preparedness programs, as well as establishing programmes that bring about marked increase in the safety and health awareness (including fire safety and environmental safety) of the workforce.

The company continues to operate and serve it's clients by its original guiding principle of (its motto): "Working safely, stay healthy and happy."

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A.S. Salahuddin

A. S. Salahuddin (Mr. Din), is an established Consultant and Trainer having accumulated more than 37 years in the field of safety and health,  as a former Factory Inspector with the Department of Industrial Safety (DIS) of the Ministry Of Labour (MOL, 1983 -1995), thereafter serving as a consultant to various companies in safety and health management, training and consultancy till today. He is also an MOM-Approved WSH Auditor, Registered WSH Officer, Approved bizSAFE Consultant and CultureSafe Consultant, and also an Approved WSQ WSH Trainer. He now does more training and consultancy services, mainly in Singapore while some were overseas. He is among the very few facilitators approved by the WSH Council to conduct the TEWP Course for Chief Executives and Board of Directors since April 2023 and has conducted Breakfast Talks on this subject to CEOs and BODs of major organisations such as the SMRT TEL and SATS in the recent past.

(updated 7th July 2023)

Rosli Ahmad

Rosli is an MOM-Registered WSH officer, an Internal WSH Auditor, Hygiene Controller, Noise Control Officer, Environmental Control Officer, Site Management Officer, involved in national projects in MINDEF, Land Reclamation, Tunnel Sewage System, tunnel projects and lately SPPG Power Cable tunnel projects. He was trained in Facilities, Safety, Environmental and building maintenance-related works and is also involved in F&B Manufacturing. A&A work with MNCs and oversees their Site Management.


Rosli is a seasoned consultant specialising and providing quick and efficient assistance to clients embarking on the bizSAFE Scheme new applications as well as Renewals

(Updated 7th July 2023)

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Azmi Mohamed is an Operations Manager with Asdin Associates Pte Ltd. He is an experienced safety practitioner since 2004 and has assisted various clients to achieve their Safety & Health Goals (Objective and Targets) till today. He is an MOM-Registered WSH officer as well as an Internal WSH Auditor with past involvements in Civil and Structural works for PUB Tuas and Changi Water Reclamation Projects, SPPG's supply, delivery and installation of power cables (22 KV, 66 KV and 230KV) projects, LTA and HDB Roads / Infrastructure and Tunnel work projects, Exxon Mobil SPT Utilities Civil works Sub-Units Project as EPC, PSA Land Reclamation and Marine Civil Works Projects.

Azmi has also gained recognition as a Client Representative / Consultant in a Global Competition with a "Beyond Zero Excellence" Award in 2021 where he successfully implemented a "Hazard Trend Analysis (HTA)" Program for PUB's Changi Water Reclamation Plant Phase 2 Project, and also facilitated a minor role in attaining WSH Sharp Award in 2023 as a main contractor under PUB DTSS2 Tuas Water Reclamation Plant Project.

Other past experiences also include A&A works with MOE and NUS in Singapore, and many more.

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