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Asdin Associates Pte Ltd provides customised On-Demand training programs that suits the organisational needs, including:

  • Code Of Practice for Chief Executives & Board Of Directors (effective Sep 2022) (already conducted for large organisations including:

    • Breakfast Talk themed "Kaizen for Safety" for SMRT TEL,

    • Workshop for CEOs & Top Management for SATS,

    • Briefing on the new COP for CEs & BODs for SGM Co-Op,

    • and several Virtual sharing since November 2022.  

  • Workshops in understanding the WSH Legal (Main & Subsidiary Legislations) Requirements,

  • Risk Assessment Workshops customised for Risk Assessment Team Members,

  • Risk Assessment training on:

    • potential Acts of Terrorism and embracing SGSecure movement,

    • Outbreak of Diseases, and

    • work-related Mental Health & Wellbeing issues.

  • Course for Workplace Safety & Health Committees Members (Customised to customers' needs in examples),

  • Workshop Coaching & guidance on bizSAFE documentation preparations,

  • Gap Analysis for Safety & Health Management System Implementation,

  • Workshops on Developing WSH Inspection Checklists for comprehensive WSH Inspections,

  • Develop Emergency Preparedness & Response Plans

  • Internal Audit for WSH Management Systems implementations,

  • and other programs to assist organisations achieve excellence in their organisational WSH Management and culture.

Send in an enquiry to get a quote.

If you are keen to find out more about any of our training programmes do send us your enquiry via e-mail, detailing what you are looking for, need and any customisations needed during delivery, etc. We will revert to you the soonest possible. Thank you. 

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