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Asdin Associates Pte Ltd offers services falling under three main categories, namely: (1) WSH Consultancy and Management, (2) WSH Training and (3) Manpower Supply. These services are aimed at assisting companies in managing their workplace safety and health, obtain the necessary certifications and accreditations, thereby achieving a much safer work and work environment, eliminating and reducing the chances of any accident from occurring at work, increasing productivity and at the same time ensures maximum compliance to local Legal and Other requirements. 



  • bizSAFE (for certifications to Levels 3 & STAR

  • SGSecure Risk Assessment & Emergency Response Plan

  • ISO45001 Occupation Safety & Health Management System Development



  • Risk Assessment Workshop for Risk Assessment Teams (in-house, customised)

  • SGSecure course/workshop



  • Supply Workplace Safety & Health Consultants for safety and health management and Safety Committee functions, Safety and Health Officers (WSHOs) and Coordinators (WSHCs) for workplace management and site supervision.

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